Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nothing A Little Vodka Can't Fix.

Hi Blog World. I'm alive..  I've just been waiting to write until I actually felt alive again. For anyone that has followed this little blog of mine for any amount of time, you'll know that the whole thing was pretty much centered around my boyfriend, my dog and my life in Michigan. Well, since the last time I wrote, the dog and the boyfriend are no longer mine and I'm currently living back in Upstate New York with my room mate (my mom). Try not to be too jealous.

I fell off the face of the world pretty abruptly but my own little world crumbled rather abruptly so I hope you all can forgive me. 

I'm also writing from my phone which is annoying the living hell out of me but my laptop is still in Michigan along with all the rest of my belongings. Imagine living out of a suitcase for a week and how annoying that shit is. Now times it by 2 months and there you have my life. 

Note to self: When you break up, just suck it up and grab all your shit. You'll thank yourself 2 months later when you then realize you have to drive 10 hours away just to blow $800 on a UHaul and drive right back. 

Actually, this whole thing has been a huge learning experience. Probably one of the most painful things I've ever been through but let's learn things about break ups today, shall we?

1. Never move in with a guy after 1 month of dating. You effing idiot.
2. Don't buy a Great Dane together and don't fall in love with her.
3. Don't revolve your whole world around one person. Mother F.
4. Swear off all men & become a bitter person for the rest of your life.
5. Only do that for 5 minutes. 
6. Surround yourself with all those amazing people you've been living so far away from for so long.
7. Drink insane amounts of vodka with these people until they start asking when you're going to allow them to be sober again. 
8. Tell them NEVERRRR. 
9. Get back to being you.. Not the person someone wanted you to be. You're a happier person when you are you. 
10. Just go be awesome. Life is too short to be sad. 

Welp. That's enough life lessons for a Tuesday. Can't wait to start stalking and loving on all of you again! 


brooke lyn said...

i did that whole go back later with a uhaul and a 14 hour drive after moving to a different state for a boy. it didn't end well either. good luck, lady

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...


Sarah said...

Break ups are the worst.

It totally understand. A year and half ago when i went through one, i needed a break from blogging.

just remember you are strong and everything always turns out okay in the end.

Tracie Everyday said...

I can't wait to see you come back better than ever!

Kay said...

Sad, sad for you, but also really happy for you. Also excited that you're back and you're going to be YOU! Good luck with the Uhaul and move out situation! I'll send happy thoughts your way!

Steph G said...

I'm with Amanda. Steal the dog. Sorry that all of that happened. Hopefully you'll be able to fill your summer with awesome happy things and forget about the stuff you're missing.

Erika Ping said...

Bad things leave so amazing things can take their place, keep your head up, you're amazing!

But seriously steal the fkn dog!!!



Chasing Elephants said...

So glad you're back! But YES what they said, "STEAL THE DOG."

Heidi said...

Hugs and vodka! Glad you're back...even though you had to go through all that. Cheers to a great summer! :)

Wine and Summer said...

Ah so sorry to hear this! Glad you're back though. Virtual shots!

And def go all Legally Blonde and get that dog back!!

Kaitlyn Arnold said...

Those are great lessons though. I couldn't of said it better myself. You hit the nail on the head. The biggest lesson I learned too is I was way happier getting back to who I was than pretending to be the person he wanted me to be. I think woman are always more willing to sacrifice the things they love most for the ones we love more in this world. I have two great danes, best animals I've ever owned. They're so human it's unreal.

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