Monday, December 15, 2014

My List of Happy

I miss this little blog of mine.

It's just annoying that whenever I pop in to try and write, I'm reminded of this whole other life I used to have that I would love to forget ever happened.

I'm thinking a blog overhaul is in store folks. Get this place looking all shiny and new with no remnants what so ever of he who shall not be named/douche lord.

So instead of bitching about things that annoy me, I think I'll list some things that make me happy. Like embarrassingly happy.

In no particular order:

1. Wine.. Usually from a box.
2. Vanderpump Rules marathons
3. Comfy cozy slippers
4. Cuddling
5. Popcorn
6. Realizing I just described what I'll be doing tonight and getting ridiculously excited about it.
7. Puppies
8. Kittens.. Not cats. F cats. (No offense to any cat ladies out there. I respect you and all the shit you have to put up with.)
9. Getting flowers just because
10. Christmas music
11. Theme parties
12. Sleeping in
13. Dancing. Especially car dancing.. I really enjoy a good dance sesh while driving. So do other people that pass me.
14. Popping pimples that aren't my own. I know I'm gross.
15. Boating.. I effing love boating.
16. Vodka. Give me all the vodka.
17. How excited my dog gets when I walk in the door
18. Being able to eat whatever I want and not gain any weight. Ha just kidding. That's not real life.
19. My birthday week
20. Having a weekend off
21. Road trips
22. Trying out a new restaurant
23. Open bars at weddings
24. Going to the movies
25. The beach
26. Finding money in last year's winter coat
27. A perfect mani
28. An iced vanilla latte
29. Good hair days.. I think they should happen more often
30. Phone dates with far away friends
31. Cooking for people
32. Funny snap chats
33. Pillows.. Lots of pillows
34. Anything leopard
35. Baby goats.. I will have one someday.
36. Brunch.. Unlimited mimosas preferred
37. Wearing a new outfit
38. Cheese.. Mmm.. Cheeseee
39. Boots AKA the only good thing about winter
40. Having someone else pump my gas
41. Lip plumper
42. Wine tours.. Grown up bar crawls
43. The 4th of July
44. When people fall (but don't get hurt.. I'm not completely evil)
45. Being silly with girlfriends
46. Being tan
47. Having someone play with my hair
48. Warm summer nights (why do I live in upstate NY?)
49. Receiving cards.. I keep them for always.
50. Having a million reasons to smile :)

Well on that note, time to go get people drunk enough to tip me more than the suggested 20%. Happy Monday friends!

What makes you happy?


Nguyễn Mạnh Tạo said...

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Kristin O said...

Come back!!!!

Kaitlyn Arnold said...

Haha, the fact that your just compiled a list of 50 "happy " things is awesome because at 5' o clock in the morning, my brain does not function properly to even compile a list of 10, but that's okay because you're list is perfectly spot on with what would make feel over the moon happy any's a sign. We're meant to be friends lol.


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