Thursday, January 9, 2014

Calling All Party People

I'm pimping myself out today.. but hopefully I'll be your pimp tomorrow.
I'm new'ish to the blogging world.. again.. and really want to "meet" new people because I'm sure that in the last few months that I've been MIA, a lot of new people have come into the world of blogging. I figure the best way to go about doing this is to sponsor people.. gain a little exposure but also help others out at the same time. I'm not ready to pay big blogs because I'm just starting out again so I'd really like to sponsor smaller blogs like myself.  
& I mostly just want to decorate my sidebar with all of your pretty faces.
so let's talk about sponsoring.. AKA swapping.
AKA let's be besties and swap each other's buttons!

Just send me an email at
(with the subject line SPONSOR)
&& a link to your cute little button
Then add me, I'll do a little happy dance.. then add you!

Easy Peazy.

**If you do decide to sponsor me, I'd really love for you to do a (optional) guest post.

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The Little Things and Vodka
The Little Things and Vodka
The Little Things and Vodka
The Little Things and Vodka

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Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Welcome to the blogging world :) I am from Michigan too, but currently working in NY and traveling back and forth often.

I am a new follower.



Erin said...

Swap with my besty from home Meghan.

Erin said...

ignore my email I will steal one of these bad lads and get it posted asap :)

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