Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Like My Hat?

Day 3 of the yeast free diet and I've lost 3 lbs! I mean it's nothing to write home about.. or blog about.. but it's something! Probably just from not drinking a bottle of wine every night.

Back in December, I wrote this post about how I got a new job and was no longer bartending but didn't tell you what I was actually doing. This was mostly because I didn't really know what I was doing.. and still don't.

It's definitely a job that I never saw myself doing. Like ever. In the history of ever.

I took a job at a construction company.

I know.. huh?

I'm not actually doing any construction.. the heaviest thing I can lift is a bottle of Absolut. I just get to go out to job sites and boss people around while wearing a really sweet hard hat and safety goggles.

And this is my little very undecorated office:
Sadly, the office didn't come with the old truck outside the window.
I took this picture the day that I started so add a lap top and a million papers to make it really messy and you get the picture.

So that's where I'm sitting all day while bossing construction workers around and blogging. Any ideas on how to turn my office into a Pinterest masterpiece would be extremely helpful and welcomed.

Happy Humping Day folks!

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Erin said...

congrats! I hope you are loving it!

Morgan Rae said...

THREE pounds in only three days?! That's definitely blog worthy!

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

I am jealous of your sweet hard hat. I keep asking my boss if I can go out in the field just so I can wear one... Her answer is still no. Ugh!

Erin LFF said...

I would love to lose 3 pounds.... plus another 12 or so ;) Get some plants and colorful pictures frames etc in that dark office!

Monica L said...

I need some ideas how to make my desk great too! I am also day 3 into Yeast Free and hoping the awful headaches go away...they lasted 3-4 days last time I tried this too

Jackie said...

congratulations!! I bet it can be nice to not always be stuck in an office all day

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I did construction clean up back in college :) So cool you have your own office!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

You make that hat look HOT! Looks like a sexy Halloween costume! hahaah

Heidi said...

I'm doing yeast free too! So far, so good, but, um, like I really need wine. Yeah.
Love the hardhat and congrats on the new job! I used to work for a company where I had to visit work sites and wear steel toed boots and hard hats also! :)

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