Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is Vodka Yeast Free?

So today's Friday right? No? Okay then..

Ever since I've started my new job, I have been eating like absolute crap. We go out for lunch pretty much everyday and most of the time, our lunches look like mine did yesterday:

Then when I get home, Paul and I usually go out to eat because I'm in no mood to cook or we have nothing that looks remotely appetizing in the refrigerator.

I'd like to not look like a relative of Honey Boo Boo come summer so I've been looking for a way to eat better and lose weight in the process. Yesterday, I was doing my daily stalking and saw that Stephanie was doing something pretty fabulous. She was inviting people to go yeast free with her for 30 days. It was like she knew I was looking for a change. I swear.

Stephanie went yeast free in 2010 and lost 20 lbs by doing so.. Uh, sign me up! So.. I did just that. I went here and signed up for the 30-day yeast free challenge. It's free and you receive food guidelines, grocery lists, recipes and meal plans which I really need because I have no idea how to eat yeast free.

I do know that alcohol isn't allowed though (insert hysterically crying face here) and giving up vodka I can handle.. but wine?! DON'T TAKE MY WINE!! .. but it's only 30 days! And who doesn't love a good challenge?

 Famous last words? Probably.

So now I'm inviting you all to join too! The challenge starts Monday so we have all weekend to eat Pizza Bites and drink extra large margaritas. It'll be fun.. and we'll look extremely sexual in our bikinis.

Now go visit Stephanie because she's a yeast free expert and I have no idea what I'm talking about.. BUT I will in 30 days!

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Whitney Ellen said...

But the absolute worst is that I always hold on to the wine, even when I do these challenges... because I have no willpower. Good luck!

PS Now I need Chili's in my life, just for that cool margarita bottle. You think they'd notice if I stole it?

Morgan Rae said...

I've never heard of this challenge before - I like it!! All but the alcohol thing... I could give up a lot for 30 days, but I don't know if I could hand over the wine. I wonder if it works if I did everything else the right way though?! I may have to look into this one! Thanks for sharing!

Allusional said...

Problem numero uno- my birthday is at the end of the month, so no matter how hard I try to kid myself into thinking I could give up drinking for a month that would go disastrously wrong in about 2 i mean 22 days...BUT good luck! I am challenging myself to a couple health related things this month too- i.e. eat some fricken veggies! haha

Danielle @ Allusional

Monica L said...

I did the 30 days of Yeast Free last year and lost 15 pounds. I might need to try it again!

Erin said...

I will never go a month without booze i just cant!! good for you though!!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

That margarita looks like HEAVEN!

Tracie Everyday said...

bahaha so when I read the title I totally had a brain fart and thought, well hmmm I wonder if it is free and if not how much it costs? WTF?!

Wine and Summer said...

There is literally no way in hell I could do this!

Wine and Summer said...

There is literally no way in hell I could do this!

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