Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bah Hum Bug Part Deux

Can I just start this off by saying that working the day after Christmas should be illegal? I could've easily slept until next Tuesday this morning and I don't remember ever being that exhausted after a holiday that wasn't my birthday.. and yes, my birthday is a holiday.

Anyway, I just had the worst time getting into the holiday spirit this year. It was my second Christmas away from home which I was totally depressed about and then super stressful because I procrastinated a ton on gifts. Then, when I finally found a PS4 after stalking the lives of Walmart workers for two weeks (literally stalking.. they stopped answering my phone calls), my car was ice'd over and wouldn't move so PDiddy had to drive me to get it. I was so excited to see his face on Christmas morning when he opened it and then nope. Michigan weather ruined it for me.

So I just gave him the thing right away and I got to wrap presents while listening to gun shots and people dying. How festive.

I did finally get into the spirit yesterday once we were at his family's party.. they all just love the holiday so much that it'd be impossible to not enjoy it while around them. I got to thinking about it though and I've always had a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I know I sound like a total grinch right now but I'm sure I'm not the only one. So with the help of this website, I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the joyous occasion this morning.

Not me. I wanted to roll right back over and go to bed. The champagne induced headache didn't help much here though.

Am I the only one that thinks these things are disgusting?

This one I'll jump on board with. After all, it was a christmas cookie scented Yankee candle that got me through a very dark shower when we didn't have power last week.

If we had a fire. Sad face.

Yes, yes and yes. Santa/PDiddy even brought me some this year from here and they are the most comfortable things I have or will ever own. I hope he likes them because I'll be wearing them everyday.

I hate candy canes.. the last thing I want to do is smell like one.



No. Just no.

Or two days before hand.. because that's what I did.

Mimosa's? Sign me up.. hold the OJ. Wine? As long as it's white. A Christmas margarita you say? Absolutely. Hot chocolate? No thanks, I'll take a beer.

Do any of you have any Christmas pet peeves? Or am I the only Grinch around these parts?
365 days until Christmas!

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Kallie @ But First, Coffee said...

hahah! I loved this. I didn't really get into the spirit this year either! And I'm with you, candy canes are gross.
Kallie @ But First, Coffee

Duh! Danae said...

I may or may not have drank two bottles of champagne on Christmas...

Heidi said...

Being away from home really sucks at Christmas. It was my second year to be away also...even though we got to travel home for the holiday it was just not the same. Bah humbug! Ha but Christmas leggings sound awesome!

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