Monday, December 23, 2013

Bah hum bug.

The state of Michigan and I are in a fight. As if the shit ton of snow that we've already gotten wasn't enough, it thought that an ice storm would be appropriate right before Christmas. Showering by candle light is exactly what I wanted to do yesterday in my frozen apartment.

At least it smelled like Christmas cookies.
Then had to pack up the dog and go spend the night at PDiddy's parents along with his siblings that also had no power. 6 adults + 3 dogs = one interesting slumber party. Especially because Remi decided to be Cujo. Literally tried to eat one of the dogs because they got too close to her food. Whoever said Great Danes are "gentle giants" needs to slow their role.

This is shit for a post.. I apologize. I just really needed to bitch it out real quick. Hope everyone has power and isn't sleeping on their in law's floor on a bed made out of couch cushions! I promise to be a little less bitchy tomorrow. Only a little though.

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Tammy Jo said...

Oh no girl :( Hope you get power super soon!!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Where abouts in MI are you? I live in MI too and a tonnnn of people around us were without power but luckily we managed to escape winter's wrath!!!

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