Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flying Is Fun

But for me, it's a full blown disaster. We're back from our fabulous little vacation that turned into a bit of a road trip all because I'm pretty sure I jinxed myself in my last post. That whole anxiety attack comment about airplanes? Yeah.. about that..
The reason I wanted to create a blog was because I wanted to create a little diary about my life to look back on and see all the stuff that we did that I might forget about later. Because, like the title, they are the "little things" and I like vodka. Vodka tends to make me forgetful. Welp, if I'm going to write about the good stuff, I have to write about the bad stuff too. This is in the bad embarrassing/terrifying stuff category.

I was completely relaxed getting on the plane. We had an amazing flight down and an awesome vacation that I can't wait to brag about but had consumed a little too much sun & alcohol so we were both pretty ready to come home.
Ready for the plane ride there!
I get on Facebook and immediately see something about the plane crash in Bali.
The pilot then comes on and starts saying that the turbulance is going to be pretty bad and he wanted to warn us.
Heart racing. Tears forming.
Paul tries to calm me down. Pilot comes on again, "we're going to be bumped around quite a bit and then 45 minutes in, our flight will deteriorate quite quickly."
Hyperventilating, can't feel my hands or arms.
A steward asks the stewardess to get a lot more sick bags because they were going to need them. Hear the pilot say something again about really bad weather.

I'm awake again, a man who says he's a doctor is trying to find a pulse and telling someone that it's too weak. I pretty much don't remember anything from there until I'm back inside the airport, sitting in a wheel chair, getting my blood pressure taken by a medic. He tells me that the plane that had started to take off, had to stop, turn around, and come back to the airport. Yup, that's not embarrassing at all.
After 45 minutes of convincing people that I didn't need to go to the hospital and then making friends with the firefighters that had come to my rescue.. yup, firefighters. Paul and I were finally able to go rent a car to begin our drive from Florida to Michigan. 20+ hours compared to the 2.5 that it'd take by plane.
Poor Paul was amazing and so good to me. Most guys would've made that drive horrible by just being mad the whole time or even just pretending I was sleeping instead of telling the stewardess we needed to get off the plane. Marrying the crap out of him someday.
Moral of the story:
Planes + Cortney - Vodka + (Overly?)Honest Pilot = Panic Attack From Hell

I'm just happy I didn't make the news.

Xoxo, Cortney

Praying for Boston.


Erin said...

Ohhhh my goodness. Way to freak me out before I fly for only the 3rd time this weekend! =\ Eek!

PS- you can take vodka on a plane?! lol

Cortney said...

Haha oops!! I'm freaking neurotic or something so you'll be just fine. I'm sure your pilot won't be over sharing like mine was either.

You can! 3 of those little bottles of whatever liquor you want in a 1 qt baggy. Your hubby can bring 3 too :) we obv looked into this.

Erin said...

OH MY GOD CORTNEY!!! This is insane. I've never even heard of this happening to anyone let alone to one of my friends. I am dying over here haha.

Cortney said...

Yup.. I grounded a freaking plane. It's funny now but at the time it was scary. It took me awhile to tell any of the girls because I was so embarrassed haha

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