Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Puppy Time (Part 2)

Happy Tuesday! AKA 8 days until this girl turns 26 while laying on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale with some sort of fun little cocktail in hand. I have some awesome/adorable/life changing news though!
I'd like to introduce Miss Remi Rae:

Doesn't she look like a black lab puppy?
She's a 3 week old Great Dane puppy and she's all ours!! I was so excited/nervous to go and pick her out yesterday. We had four baby girls to choose from and they were all so sweet. We picked our little Remi because she fell asleep in both of our arms which probably just meant she was tired but we thought knew it meant she loved us.
Thanks to my Instragramming skills she looks a little blue here but she's all black with a little bit of white on her left toe. (and my hair looks like hay.. step away from the straightener Cort) She is going to be the most absolutely spoiled little HUGE girl in the world and I can't wait to bring her home April 27th! It was terrible not being able to take her yesterday.. like having a baby and then not being able to bring it home for a month. I know babies are much different than puppies but this is our first fur baby.
We get to go back and visit her after Florida so at least she gives us a cute little reason to actually want to come back to Michigan. Aah! I can't wait!
Well.. it's a nice, sunny, 28 degree day. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?! At least the birds are chirping I guess.

Xoxo, Cortney


Erin said...

I just stumbled over here from "The lady Okies" blog and thought I'd say hi!! I'll be 26 this month too, but not until the 20th!! Your puppy is SO CUTE!!!

Erin said...

Haha oh my god that Erin up there is my friend in blogland! The blog world is circling in on you Cort.

And that is the cutest name for a puppy in the history of puppydom. And we all know how much I love puppies. So don't mind me when I continuously comment on how cute she is.

Cortney said...

Haha yeah I started following her when I started stalking you!

Glad you like her name though! She won't be a puppy for long though.. Great Danes grow extremely fast so I hope you also love 100+ lb puppies!!

Cortney said...

Happy birthday month Erin!!! And cheers to our first anniversary of turning 25 and lower car insurance

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