Monday, April 1, 2013

Puppy Time

Woooo!! APRIL IS FINALLY HERE! Birthday month AND heading off to Florida in one week. Couldn't be more excited for some actual sunshine and warm weather! I think we're all needing winter to be over.

The weekend was so busy that I'm actually enjoying my Monday. March Madness just isn't as much fun when you work in a sports bar. Especially in Michigan where the Michigan fans are some kind of other breed. The whole place felt like it was going through a small earth quake every two seconds on Friday night and then Saturday everyone couldn't have cared less about the REAL game - CUSE! So this weekend will be interesting while I'm bartending in orange and everyone else there will be chanting GO BLUE! Sit down, drink your beer and be quiet.

So the Easter bunny forgot to bring me a basket this year.. for the first time ever. It was a bit of a sore subject yesterday until my mom told me I'm "too old" for a basket. Too old?! Forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't think anyone is ever too old for the Easter bunny. I would like to think he would swap out jelly beans for some mini bottles of flavored vodka or maybe that light gray Essie nail polish I've been wanting. To be fair though, Paul didn't get one either.

Once we got over the whole no Easter basket debacle, we headed over to his grandma's to share some brunch with all 50+ members of his extended family. I come from a very small family so it's always a bit overwhelming for me at first.. and really I think everyone there. Pretty uneventful until we were getting ready to leave and Paul's sister runs into the kitchen, frantic.. her and husband had mistakingly locked their 1 year old in the car.

Out came the coat hangers, wrenches, screw drivers and even a pole that a bird house was attached to. I kept his sister calm while she called the fire department. After 15 minutes of 10 men prying the doors open with multiple tools, Bode was saved! Holding the keys and one of his shoes he had managed to get off. The fire department was told to go home when they got there a minute later. I took lots of pictures.. had to document those Easter memories.

Today is the best day ever by the way! Why? Because we get to go pick out our new little bundle of joy.. a Great Dane puppy! We've been wanting a puppy since pretty much the day we moved in together but couldn't decide on a breed. I wanted an italian greyhound because I'm obsessed with Jenna Marbles and her little nugget of a dog, Kermit. Paul wanted anything huge but mainly a bull mastiff so we "compromised." I'm super excited for a Great Dane though.. She'll be bigger than me in a few months but I'm cool with it. I can walk her by myself and feel safe because my dog will be the size of a small horse.



Gotta love compromise.

Xoxo, Cortney

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