Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Five Things Tag

I'm really new to this whole blog thing but what I'm loving most about blogging is all the cool new people I'm "meeting" through it. When I get a notification that someone has commented on a post, its like someone just left a bottle of Absolut wrapped in a pretty pink bow on my door step. I get seriously excited.

So when
Erin tagged me in her Five Things Tag, I was pumped. When I stumbled onto her blog and she was talking about making PLD's (Poor Life Decisions) and hating when the bar closes and no one has any booze at their house (I HATE that), it was love at first sight. She's a good egg that Erin so I'm playing along today because she's my new favorite person and I don't want to turn into a donkey.
Five Things About Me
1. I'm a pirate!

 Just kidding.
1. I will eat a whole large bag of movie popcorn and still be able to eat dinner after. It's seriously disturbing how much popcorn I can eat. I really need to slow my role.

2. I hold grudges. I hate that about myself but I do. You kissed my best friend's boyfriend in the 7th grade even though you knew they were still dating. You don't remember that? Well, I do.. and I'm still over here hating you for it.

3. I can do this:
You're welcome.

4. Pickles gross me out. I don't even like to touch them. At work I have to put on gloves for those individuals who want a pickle for their beer (you're sick.) or pickle juice for their Jameson. I also like to make sure they know how gross I think they are for drinking pickle juice. I sometimes forget that I work for tips.

5. I really love Tyler Perry movies. I don't know why.. I just do. Give me a lazy Saturday and I will soak in every little bit of Tyler Perry that TBS will bless me with.

I don't know who to tag so I'm just going to be lame and say that anyone reading this post should do it and then tell me about it because I'd love to learn more about all of you fabulous women.

Poor Remi had to deal with my monkey toes but isn't her new collar cute? Every time I posted a picture of her on Facebook everyone was all like "oh my gawd, he's so cute!!" And she's not a he, she's a she so I had to find a pink collar to steer their asses in the right direction.

Not all dogs are boys people. It's science.

Xoxo, Cortney


Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

OMG you feet..wow that is different. I can no way, shape, or form do that with mine. I too hate when the bartender says Last call..bc I never have enough alcohol at my house. BTW Love the pink collar! Great post!

Erin said...

how do you not like pickles??? I really liked you until now. I too can eat an obscene ammount of popcorn though so I will let the pickles slide.

Rachel's Country Roots said...

I love pickles....Like I eat a jar a week..and I am loving that nail polish!!! Also do you have twitter?

Stephanie said...

Your toes are super freaky!! lol
I hold grudges too. I have had the same arch-nemesis since 4th grade. He's in prison now, so clearly I'm an excellent judge of character.

Erin said...

Hahaha your toes omg! And I think the bottom of my food period is made up of corn. Any type and all types. Could eat it for daysss.

Jackie said...

Haha your toes! But, i do love the color you decided to paint them :)

Chloe said...

Bahahaha. I died with the "not all dogs are boys people". That's great.

Adriana said...

Everyone thinks Lil is a boy too. Granted she only had her female organs for like a month and a half of her life but it counts.

Also you totally could have fooled everyone with the pirate thing.

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