Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up

Two Thirds Hazel
Erin and Whitney are taking my link up virginity today and I'm actually pretty pumped about it! Erin is one of my pretty little sorority sisters and who I originally started stalking and made me want to create a blog. So while they're frolicking around NYC together drinking Fireball, I'm going to participate in my very first link up!
When I Grow Up...
1. I'll gather all of my friends and family from all over and make us all live in the same city.
2. I'll marry this guy:

3. And wear this dress:

                4. I'll be a real house wife of Beverly Hills and my bestie will be Lisa.
I'll hang with Jiggy and Ken all day but not be as obnoxious as Brandi.
5. I will fufill my life long dream of dancing on Ellen.

6. I will invent the perfect cure for a hang over.
7. I'll own my own restaurant that is absolutely fabulous. Very Lisa Vanderpump of me.
8. I'll learn how to ballroom dance and make Paul learn with me.
9. I'll own an Italian Greyhound just like Kermit.

10. My kids will be the coolest and eat all of their fruit and veggies even though I don't.
11. My house will look exactly like my Pinterest house does.

12. I'll eat as much movie theater popcorn as I want without gaining
a single pound. That stuff is my kryptonite.
13. I'll live happily ever after. With my ballroom dancing husband, our vegetable
 eating children, and the rest of the Beverly Hills Housewives.

I could go on forever about when I grow up.. which is going to be never.
But I think I'll just stop at lucky number 13.

Now, what will you do when you grow up?

xoxo, Cortney


Erin said...

Yayyy so glad I could be the one to take your link up virgjnity! I am obsessed with that dress oh my god. And I think we're going to live in the same Pinterest house, for sure.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I have an Italian Greyhound. Or at least he is part Iggie. He is 100% hot mess. But we adore that little F'er. ;)

Erin said...

I will take that pup, please and thank you! And I legit think my life would be complete if i could just my house to look like my Pinterest house, AND my Pinterest wardrobe to actually get in my closet ;)

Cortney said...

Well feel free to come hang and watch Vanderpump Rules in my Pinterest wood pallet movie theatre anytime!

Cortney said...

Well I am 100% jealous. I wanted one so bad but my boyfriend shot down my little dog idea and we're getting a Great Dane instead.

Cortney said...

As much as I love Pinterest, it seriously depresses me sometimes. Looking at pictures all day of what I want my house/closet/wedding to look like and knowing that my bank account won't allow it? Let's both be rich/famous/both soon. :)

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