Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Class, Class, Class!

It's Tuesday! Usually I hate Tuesday but since I'm on vacation, happy freaking Tuesday! Today's bloggy babysitter is Steph! She blogs over at Insert Classy Here and anyone who lets their (really stinkin cute) dogs post for them is a friend of mine. Steph says she's walking a fine line between classy and being ridiculous and I really like that about her because I like to think of the same of myself. So while I'm out being ridiculous, Steph is gonna class this place up a bit!
Hi, my name is Steph and my corner of the internet is located at Insert Classy Here.  I'm so happy that Cortney invited me to "entertain" you while she's enjoying the outdoors and a little vacation.  I hope she's using bug spray and keeping her toes safe from the fish that might bite them.

 photo DSCN8914_zpsf8b26d44.jpg

I am a Minnesota girl.  I have lived here my whole life.  While all of my friends were visiting Disney World, Hawaii and all of the other exciting places throughout the country, we had all of our family vacations in Minnesota.  My parents are in love with Lake Superior and the 9,999 other lakes in Minnesota and they both enjoy nothing more than a sunrise over the lake and a bonfire at the campsite. They truly believed that canoe trips in the Boundary Waters would teach us important life lessons.  All we really learned was that we loved being outside, how to build awesome tree forts and that lake fish are UGLY.

 photo DSCN8883_zps2f0434fe.jpg

If you've never been camping, you are missing out on a lot.  This is why I'm jealous of the week that Cortney is about to have.  Even though she is cheating a little by staying in a cabin, she still gets to enjoy the following:

Bonfires & S'Mores and smelling like smoke and not caring

The sound of birds and wildlife that you don't hear in the city

Beers in the morning... just because you can


Fishing and boat time

Sweatpants all the time and unbrushed hair

The sunshine - uninterrupted

Country dive bars

Green trees, wildflowers, blue waters

Card games and board games

Falling asleep listening to crickets instead of cars

Last, but not least, peace and quiet.  You have not experienced quiet until you've been at the cabin on the lake with your cup of morning coffee just taking it all in.

So, I will sit here in the city (which I love too) and be jealous of all of these things and I'll be daydreaming of the quiet lakeshore of northern MN.

 photo DSCN8812_zpsc5c6232d.jpg

 photo DSCN8786_zps38ad36f5.jpg

Can't you just smell the fresh air?

Steph really does balance the whole class/ridiculous thing really well if you ask me. She enjoys the beauty of wild flowers but also understands the importance of crushing a beer in the morning just because you can. So while I'm probably doing exactly that, you should probably go do the following:

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Tami said...

HAHA love all the talk about beauty and nature combined with your morning beer. Steph is awesome! And hope you're having a blast on your vacay love!

brooke lyn said...

mallows in my mouth please!

JJ said...

Northern Minnesota is amazing. Just found you blog. new follower, from Minnesota.

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