Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleepless in Seattle

Except not Seattle, but more like cold, rainy monsooning, flooding little Michigan. But more on that later. WHAT A WEEKEND! I stayed up until 4 every night because I was drinking vodka/soda's, doing Rumple and dancing on whatever bar I could get my little dancing shoes on!
Oh wait, just kidding.
I was up that late because I'm a mother now!
To this little person:
Her name is Remi Rae and she's a 6 week old Great Dane. We weren't planning on getting her until next weekend but when we went to visit her on Saturday, the breeder surprised us by asking if we wanted to bring her home.
Even though our place wasn't puppy proofed at all and we hadn't bought a single thing, we definitely weren't going to say no!
The Ride Home.. Look At Those Paws!
So we brought her home and found out that Great Dane puppies sleep a lot.. but only when you're awake. When you want to go to bed, they decide that they'd like to play/eat/take massive poops/do anything that you'd rather not do at 11PM.

She's also decided that she hates sleeping alone. I know it's only been two nights but everytime we try and put her in her crate to go to bed, you'd seriously think we were trying to kill her. This doesn't last for just five minutes either.

All. Night. Long.

I really wish I could just show her one of those Sarah McLachlan commercials that make us all turn the channel/cry hysterically so that she'd realize that her life isn't that bad.

She is seriously cute though so we'll just have to get used to our new life of not sleeping. Ever.
She also likes to take duck face photos so she's already the coolest dog ever.
So back to that little flooding comment.. we're seriously going under. Grand River which is pretty much what Grand Rapids was built on, is at a record high and whatever idiots built the flood walls back in 1900 something, obviously didn't know about global warming.
A Little Before/After Shot
From An Office Building On The River. Nemo?
Welp, time to go build my Ark.
Xoxo, Cortney


Wine and Summer said...

Omg, that is the cutest puppy ever! My heart is melting!

Cortney said...

She's super cute until you want to get some sleep! I know I need to soak up the puppiness though because she'll be 160 lbs before I know it!

Anna said...

Super excited to see another Michigan blogger! The Grand River rising was crazy!

Have a great day! :)

Cortney said...

I haven't seen anyone from Michigan yet so yay! Where in Michigan?

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