Monday, May 6, 2013

Derby de Mayo Weekend

Three things I learned this weekend:
1. Mint Juleps are gross.
2. Big hats should be a thing.
3. Orb is a stupid name for a horse.
Our weekend started out with a way too long trip to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for my derby hat, a quick little dinner date, then wine & hat making. When your man stays up until 2AM, becoming a hot glue gun pro by gluing feathers and flowers all over a big floppy hat for you, he's either gay or a keeper. Mine is a keeper.
The hat didn't turn out half bad either!

I will just never feel comfortable taking a selfie. It's just never going to happen. Anywho, I woke up without a hangover which ended up being the theme of the weekend and I'm not mad about it. We even decided to decorate because we were in a pretty festive mood
Have you ever had a Mint Julep? I hadn't and now I never will again. Anyone will tell you that a drink has to be pretty gross in order for me not to drink it. I stuck with vodka/sodas. The party went really well except that I didn't bet on Orb. I thought it was a really dumb name for a horse so I went with Goldencents. Now I'm $6 poorer. Damn it.

Didn't the boys look so cute? I love it.

The night gets fuzzy after the party but I woke up without a hangover again!
Cortney - 2 Vodka - 4,596 (I'm catching up)

I know I said that I wouldn't be partaking in any Cinco de Mayo events but I guess I lied. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Cortney - 0 Tequila - 2,672

Now back to the couch to catch up on what Tamra and Vicki are fighting about now.

 Nope. Hung over.


Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

I love your hat & the boys look so cute! Glad you had a fun time..but hate you have a hangover and lost $6! This too shall pass... Have a great day!

Erin said...

I have never had a mint julep I was just thinking about that this weekend. They sounds pretty awful. And I would say hat making and a trip to hobby lobby make him a keeper for sure.

Jackie said...

I like mint juleps. but, i do like margaritas and tequila more. looks like a great weekend, minus the hangover today :)

Heidi said...

Mint juleps are so gross! Never again will I try one!
Yum tequila!!
Your hat was so cute!

elizalouise.bell said...

That hat is presh!

Erin said...

Looooove your hat!! (He's either gay or a keeper...cracked me up!)

Stephanie said...

Orb is a stupid name, I agree. I love your hat though, it turned out great.
And yes, mint juleps suck. Even coming from a kentucky girl who loves bourbon - they are terrible.

Adriana said...

1. your hat came out amazing!
2. mint juleps make me wanna punch fancy people
3. you should have bet on charming kitten. not that he won, just has a great name

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