Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Introducing the Fam Damily

One of my favorite blogs, Party Girls Guide, is hosting her very first link up today so I had to support my home girl, Erin. I love to talk about my fam any chance I get so get ready for a big run down of some of my favorite people.

Well first of all, let it be known that I come from a long line of blonde (minus me) bitchy women. My grandmother, 4 aunts, my mom, a sister and countless female cousins. We're seriously a little family of 5 foot little bitches. My mom is the tallest clocking in at 5'6 which is reallyyyy tall for my family. I'm 5'4 though which is also really tall for my fam. (I'm actually more like 5'3 but my ID gives me another inch so I go with that) Everyone else is pushing maybeeee 5'1.

Here is my cute little fam:
My mom, or Mama Ninnie, (Lynnie but I've always liked Ninnie better), has a heart of gold but if you mess with someone she loves, watch the fuck out. This is where I get it from.. It's a blessing and a curse. Not sure who its a blessing for but I'm just going to go with it. She pretty much raised me as a single parent and she did a damn fine job if you ask me! I'm pretty awesome.

 Isn't our mama pretty? My sister, Rachel, who I've never called my sister but my "Squeester" is 16 years older than me. She always bugged my mom about wanting a little sister but then when I finally came, she wouldn't take me anywhere because people always thought I was hers. Even though she's old enough to be my mom (I like reminding her of that) she is the most fun person to be around. My mom gets mad at me for the hang overs that my sister gets after a night out with me... Even though she's the hung over one and I'm fine. "That's because you're seasoned at this Cortney!" Sorry mom, someone has to teach her how to hang with the big kids. I can honestly say that my sister and I have never been in a fight. While I was her flower girl, she'll be my maid of honor.
Having a sister that's 16 years older than you, you get to become an aunt at the age of 4! Or at least I did. I have a niece that's 22 and a nephew that's 9. Crazy right? I got to train my niece how to bartend.. How's that for family bonding?
Before Remi, there was Lula Belle. My first baby. I got her going into my sophomore year of college and she is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. When I moved to Michigan, I couldn't bring her with me because I couldn't have a dog at my new apartment so my mom pretty much took over. I would have to pry Lula out of my mother's hands in order to have her live here with me so now we just FaceTime. I'm pretty much obsessed.

My family means the world to me. Living 10 hours away from them has been absolutely crazy because of how family oriented I am. My mom and sister are my two very best friends and living this far from them breaks my heart pretty much everyday.
Got a little serious there for a minute so let me show you what we do on Christmas morning!
We make margarita's!! Oh.. you don't? We only do when we run out of Mimosa's. Then take pictures of our boobs behind them. Then our mom gets jealous and wants to show off her tata's too even though she's wearing an ugly "beautiful" Christmas sweater. She corrected me on this when I borrowed the above sweater for an ugly Christmas sweater party.
I want to hear about your fun families so go link up for Erin's first one ever!

The Party Girls Guide


Erin said...

"Not sure who its a blessing for but I'm just going to go with it" Love, love it :) your family sounds like so much fun. I can totally relate on the homesick thing it sucks! thanks for linking up

Rachel's Country Roots said...

Your family sounds amazing!!!! And love all the puppy pics!

Kristen said...

Your family seems like so much fun!! & that is the cutest puppy ever! found you through Erin's blog :)

Adriana said...

haha this is so cute! You're lucky to have such a great fam and it def must be hard not being near them!

But sounds like such a good support system and a source of a lot of fun!

Tori G said...

love this, sounds like you have an amazing family!

You Just Do said...

I live in Iowa and my mom and sister live in North Carolina so I know how you feel about living away from your best's awful!!

Katie Keltner said...

I just came across your blog and after reading this post, looked around a little. I was surprised to see that you have only been doing this for three months. I would have had no idea - so you are doing well!

I just launched mine and I am in the beginning stages still, but I hope that you will stop by for a visit!!

Katie @

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