Monday, May 20, 2013

Mondays Are For The Birds.

Oh Monday, you do nothing for me. The weekend always does though so here we go:
Friday - We went out for a cute little date at a nice restaurant on the river. Nothing says romance more than a few vodka/sodas and a cheese plate. Afterward, we met some friends at a wine bar but then quickly headed over to a whiskey bar. I clearly learned nothing from Wednesday night because I got back into the Fireball.

Fast forward to Saturday - Paul made me breakfast in bed got breakfast to go at one of our favorite breakfast places and brought it home to his dying girlfriend. We went on a double date with his parents and then out for some frozen yogurt. They charge by weight so sorry about our $25 ice cream order. It was amazing so I don't feel about it.

It's healthy because it's frozen yogurt just don't mind my cookie dough bites.
We then went to see Great Gatsby and I still don't know how I feel about it. I loved all the fashion, fun music and Leo but hated Daisy. I do want to accessorize my head like she does though.

Sunday - We BBQ'd at Paul's parents and his niece & nephews got to play in a blow up alligator pool which sadly, was too small for me. Then we met my old room mate and her new man friend out for some sangria pitchers. When asked what you're doing later, don't reply with "well.. there's a documentary on at 9 that we want to see." You will feel 90 and people will laugh at you.
I know we all watched Selena Gomez lip sing, Justin Bieber make an ass of himself, and Taylor Swift awkwardly dance during the Billboard awards last night but did anyone else watch North America on the Discovery channel? It's like Planet Earth but better and you never feel the need to punch a wolf in the face like you do with Justin Bieber.

And now a picture of Remi because no post is complete without one.

Isn't she pretty? I think so too.


Adriana said...

ahhh i want froyo real bad

p.s. I nominated you for the Liebster award! go check out my post!

Erin said...

frozen yogurt and fireball are both good for you.

Wine and Summer said...

What a fun weekend! That froyo looks amazing!!

Stephanie said...

Daisy's even more hateable in the book. At least I've heard that, I haven't seen the movie yet but people have said they try to make her better. It's on my list to see at some point!

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