Monday, May 13, 2013

The Horse Named Remi & Other Things

I hope everyone had a fun time with their mama's this weekend! PDiddy really spoiled me yesterday morning with a McMuffin for my Mother's Day breakfast. Hey, at least I got something. Better than when the Easter bunny forgot me.
I'm just excited to be able to celebrate. Shout out to Remi for that one. Speaking of, home girl is getting bigger. She's doubled in size since we got her so I thought I'd show you the little nugget's feet.
The left is from the day we got her and the right is from Saturday. Our little girl is growing up and will probably resemble a horse before we know it.
Peanut butter has saved our lives. I've never been much of a peanut butter fan myself but Remi can't get enough. I never thought that a jar of Jif would become my best friend. Throw some PB in a Kong, put her in her crate and voila, a 20 minute shower minus a howling Great Dane! These are the things that excite me these days. It's depressing.

She's obviously thrilled.
Our weekend was pretty laid back and I'm not complaining at all. The weather decided it was winter again and I had to trade in my flip flops for real shoes and I was pissed. We even had some snow flurries yesterday! Welcome to Michigan.  

Friday - I became addicted to Candy Crush. Is anyone else's life being ruined by this game? Went to Paul's parents house for his little sister's birthday party. She's turning 26 (like me) so we like to be the babies together. Came home, had some wine. Went to bed. Thrilling, I know.

Saturday - Remi had her first vet appointment and they said she was "perfect." As if she needed a bigger head. I had to go to work after which was super slow but I didn't mind. I got off at 7 then PDiddy and I went to a late dinner. Did a few more shots of Fireball than I probably needed then time traveled to Sunday.
Sunday - I was pretty depressed over not being able to be with my mom. I miss her a ton and it magnifies on holidays. Pity party aside, we had a nice time at Paul's grandmother's with all 50+ members of his family. I swear there's a new baby every single time we go. They come out of nowhere. Afterward, we went shopping.. not for me but for Remi (of course). Then finished a box of wine while watching Jack Reacher. Not a bad movie! I like Tom Cruise's characters way better than I like Tom Cruise.
So there you have it! I'll try to be more exciting next weekend.
I'm also trying to be more exciting on Twitter.
Be my friend! @c0rtneyjustine
My first time!


Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Well I am officially your new twitter friend!!!

Erin said...

I still don't really get twitter, but I am def going to tweet at your ass. also, i did waaaay more shots of fireball than I care to admit this weekend too.

Sarah said...

How precious is she??

Also i love how dogs ar so entertained by peanut butter!

I will be sure to add you on twitter whenever i get home!!

PS newest GFC follower :)

elizalouise.bell said...

I am an addict of Candy's a good thing that you only have 5 lives... and then you have to wait otherwise I would be in trouble (and so would my grades!!)


Jackie said...

Your pup is crazy cute. Twitter is my random thoughts if the day place haha

Kristen said...

PB in a Kong is a lifesaver for us too!! ha. I can't believe how fast she's growing.. glad to hear she's "perfect!" haha. I haven't seen Jack Reacher.. I'll have to add it to my must watch list! (along with a box of wine ha)

Wine and Summer said...

I suck a twitter too...but I am def going to follow you!

Anonymous said...

OMG she is SO CUTE!! my daughter and husband has been ganging up on me and begging for a dog and it's starting to chip away at my exterior. secretly i want one but they're a lot of work and i'm afraid of coming home having my whole house eaten! tell me that not all dogs are like that?

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