Friday, May 17, 2013

I Just Want A Pudding Pop.

I apologize for yesterday's post. I'm not usually such a hot mess but sometimes things just happen.

It is absolutely gorgeous outside and I'm loving the fact that summer is maybe, finally here! I don't want to jinx it because it was 80's all last week then the weekend brought temps in the 30's and even some snow flurries (thanks Michigan).
Warm sunny days make me miss having a pool. I LOVED waking up in the morning, throwing on a bikini and just laying by the pool all day getting my vitamin D fix. Now our "yard" is a 5x10 patch of stones. Stones. We are the only house in the neighborhood without grass. Awesome.
So as I was thinking about how much I miss having a pool, I started to think about other things that I miss during the summer.
Being 100 lbs - Thanks college for f'ing that one up for me.
Pudding Pops - I have searched high and low for these little pieces of heaven on a stick. Do they seriously not make these anymore?! What the heck Jell-O?
Bonfires - Growing up in upstate NY, you have a lot of bonfires. There was nothing better than a big fire in the middle of the woods with all of your underage friends and a bunch of Milwaukee's Best.
Hide&Seek/Tag - How come we can't play these just because we are "adults" now? I'm sure there is some way we could coordinate alcohol into it and make it more adult friendly.
Palm Trees - I want one in my yard. My stone filled yard.
These Refreshing Beverages - I'm pretty sure I got a stomach ache every single time I had one but you couldn't not have one.

"Jammie Rides" - When I was little and I'd have sleep overs, my mom would tell us all to get in our pajamas and then we'd go for a ride to go get ice cream. I don't know why this was so fun but we all seriously thought it was so cool being out in public in our pajamas. This is pretty much an everyday norm for me now.
Day Drinking - I used to be a pro. I think I'll work on this one.
The Jersey Shore - Growing up, going down to the shore was the best. week. ever. Before Snooki and the gang ruined it.
I'm sad about it too Deena.
Welp, happy Friday!! Remi wanted to say hi and show you how big she's getting!
She's going to be taller than me soon. Not hard to do.. but still.


Erin said...

I have never had a pudding pop but i want one real bad now!

Faith Bowyer said...

I agree with every.damn.thing here.

When we were kids, only when we'd be around the bonfire at our cottage, dad would take us for 'the run' to either get ice cream or go to the coffee shop and get donuts. We'd always be in our PJ's and it was the best damn thing.

Dammit, now I miss all of this. You've got me borderling hysterical over here (okay, not really), and all I want a pudding pop.

Stephanie said...

Oh man I totally forgot pudding pops existed!! Now I NEED one!!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Haha College f'd my weigh up like no other was probably all the drinking game and wild nights. Haha deena looks like a mess in the gif.!!!

Steph G said...

Jammie rides is what I call most week nights (except sometimes a liquor store is involved). I miss Capture the Flag. Best game ever.

Jackie said...

damn pudding pops and squeeze-its!! haha.

Kristin said...

Hi!! I'm a new follower!! I found you through Wine and Summer's sidebar.

I feel you about this weather. It is soo gorgeous. Except for today, it's definitely trying to rain here. You seem like girl after my own heart...pudding pops, day drinking, bonfires. All things I love!!!

Can't wait to read more from your blog!!

Come on by and check me out if you want!!


Erin said...

Wtf I was just looking at college pictures and I was like umm I was a god damn twig. Give me my cheekbones back dammit. Too many Blue Moons. Straight to my cheeks. The face ones and the ass ones.

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