Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Call Me Tiger

Today is a sad day. Paul is in Ohio for work and its my first time away from him since we've been dating. I know how ridiculous that is but I was weirdly sad saying bye to him this morning. I guess it's just nice to have someone to miss. Enough of that..

Since he was going out of town, we went on a middle school worthy date

last night and I loved every second of it.
Paul was super pumped that his shoes matched his club and I was super pumped that I got a hole in one!
AND.. Guess who won?!
ME! by one stroke.. but still. ME!!
(I also beat him in number of mosquito bites)

While we were there, some people decided that the bumper boat pool
looked like a nice little place to swim.. ew.
Congrats on that new skin disease ya'll.
High off my big win, I decided to challenge PDiddy to a game of skee ball and whoever lost had to buy drinks.. I should've bet on mini golf instead.
So now Remi and I are off to go have a girl's day while dad's away! AKA play tug of war until she's tired enough to nap so that I can clean the house. Fun stuff.

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Angie Bean said...

What a fun date night! I need to convince M.E. that we need a middle school date night... with pizza & beer...

Heidi said...

Such a cute date night! Your hair looks great!

Wine and Summer said...

Such a fun date night!

Erin said...

Sounds like a fun date! I miss my manfriend when he is gone for like more than an hour so don't feel silly for missing him :)

Faith Bowyer said...

This is such a cute date night!

It almost makes me sad that I'm single, haha. #pathetic

Yes, I just used a hashtag in my comment. Oops. haha

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