Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Obsessed.

My Obsessions
(as of May 14, 2013)
(they change daily)
Cards - I have every single birthday, Christmas, graduation, St. Paddy's, going away, miss you, Groundhog's Day etc. etc. card that I have been given since I was in the 6th grade. Whenever I get a card in the mail, it's like Christmas came early. If you give me a card, I'll love you forever.
Mint - I want all of these.

My Phone - This obsession needs to chill out. Candy Crush and now Running with Friends is taking over. Last night Paul and I were sitting next to each other on the couch trying to outrun each other so that the bull wouldn't take us down and I couldn't help but think how ridiculous we would've looked if someone walked into our apartment. I made us play Yahtzee instead. Remi watched.
Lisa Vanderpump - I want to be her. Enough said.
Napkins - (Katy if you're reading this, I know you're dying right now) I need a new napkin after each bite of food. I'm not messy I just don't like to use the same napkin twice. Chicken wings? My napkin pile is sky high and probably embarrassing.

John Krasinski - Before there was Paul, there was John. He's still in the picture but only when we watch The Office or one of my fave movies, It's Complicated. Is there a cuter relationship than Jim & Pam's? (Other than this season where Jim was starting to royally piss me off) I'm going to be all ugly cry face on Thursday when my favorite love story ends but I'm still hoping for a Michael sighting.
True Blood - The new season starts June 16 and I need to find someone with HBO stat. I couldn't be more excited to see what the weird shit Bill turned into, will Sookie love Eric this season and who the heck is Warlow? I'm also still waiting for Jason to turn into a "werepanther" even though I think that ship sailed back in season 4.
Miranda Lambert - She is a girl after my own heart. If I was able to write music, my songs would sound exactly like hers. Angry and bitter little man hater. (Until I met Blake Shelton Paul)
Sun Dresses - I'm pretty sure that I keep this place in business. It's a problem. My bank account is pissed.
Diet Pepsi - I would give my first born child for one right now.
Ellen - I would give my second born to be able to dance on her show.

PDiddy - aka Paul and not Puff Daddy. He is the only person I can be with all day everyday and not ever get sick of. He's my person. He's better than any True Blood birthday card that Lisa Vanderpump could ever send to me. There's my sappy moment of the day.
At "The Bean" in Chicago
Side note - I think I'm going blonde(ish) tomorrow!! Inspired by Minka Kelly.
Not the cut. Just the color.
What do you guys think? I'm nervous so you can easily talk me out of it.


Erin said...

Ok the part about Pdiddy is the sweetest ever. he is a lucky dude! I think you should do it (the hair that is) if you don't like it you can go back! and I too am a napkin freak...you get a little cooler in my book with every post I read. I thank you for distracting me from work with your faveorite things :)

brooke lyn said...

question: did you see John Krasinski lip-sync on jimmy fallon the other night?! so perfect.

ty said...

I need those mint shorts. And all the dresses. And Minka's hair.

Wine and Summer said...

I love everything on this list...and seriously, did you see John on Jimmy Fallon?? Funniest thing ever!!

Jackie said...

I love getting and sending cards too!

Stephanie said...

Haha I hear you on these. too many of these. I think you'd look pretty blond, go for it!

Heidi said...

Mmmm John is the best! I will give my first born to go dance on Ellen!
Go for the blonde! I'm doing it too on Friday!

Anonymous said...

i am SO EXCITED for true blood to start! i forgot that bill went nuts and eric was (sort of) saved.

Faith Bowyer said...

Go for the blonde! I think you can pull it off.

Also, mint is my favorite color right now. My mint capris should and could be worn every day if they were appropriate for the office lol

Mikell Gordon said...

oh my word. According to this post, we would be BEST FRIENDS. Those lace mint shorts?! Lisa Vanderpump?! BLONDE LIKE MINKA KELLY!? I literally had my Miranda Lambert cd playing in my car this morning.

I loved this post! And the blonde hair would be LOVELY!

Amanda said...

I loooove cards! They're so fun! Much better than a text or email, right?

Tami said...

I love so many of these things. Except true blood (I've never seen it! wtf?) You and your man are too cute!

Erin said...

Umm if I could marry anyone it would be Minka Kelly. I like Derek Jeter less now just because he's an idiot to have let her go. She is sex.

But this blonde thing scares the shit balls out of me. You are CRAY! But I can't wait to see.

Steph G said...

i hate Candy Crush, but I find myself playing it every day. I can't figure out why. UGH.

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