Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Salsa Makes All The Pretty Girls Dance

Well hello there Blogland. Nice to see you again. I felt like I was doing something bad by not posting at all this weekend so it's good to be back.. Is it sad how guilty I was feeling?
Memorial Day weekend was probably the most laid back one I've had since I was 14 but I still got to eat, drink and be merry (is that just Christmas?) so I'm okay with that. This weekend actually made me feel bloggerish because before I'd let Paul take a bite of anything, I'd be all like "Hold on.. Need a pic for the blog." and he didn't even make fun of me for it. He's a good little Paul.
Friday - We went on a cute little date where we did apps one place, dinner another and then dessert at a brewery. Grand Rapids was just named Beer City, USA for the 2nd year in a row. This really means nothing to us because when we go to a brewery, we order vodka but I guess we were feeling kind of cool on Friday though because we actually ordered beer to go with our chocolate mousse and gelato cake.

Saturday - We spent all day at his sister's BBQ'ing then went out to a really late dinner where we drank martinis and tequila on the rocks.. which lead me to ordering a s'more tart. I have never liked dessert.. I don't know whats happening to me these days. My booty does not approve.

Sunday - We quickly headed out for some brunch and mimosa's and then headed on over to his family BBQ. I always love hanging out with his family because it makes me feel more at home. I didn't take any pictures but I DID make an awesome salsa that was devoured within 10 minutes of setting it out. You need to make it.
Summer Salsa
1 red pepper
1 orange pepper
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper
1/2 red onion
1 can white corn
1 can black eyed peas
Chop all peppers and onion and add ingredients into large bowl

2 cups sugar
2 cups apple cider vinegar
1 cup vegetable oil

Let marinate overnight
Strain in the morning
(& be the coolest person at the party because
everyone is going to ask you for this recipe)
I wish I had taken a picture because it's also really pretty to look at.
Monday - We did some Petco shopping for Remi then to see Hangover 3. I liked it better than the 2nd but really wish they'd come out with a 4th one.. I feel like they set it up for one but then they said it's the "epic ending." They're really playing with my emotions here.
And because I'm always a proud mama lately, look how cute/big Remi is!
 Her new harness doesn't exactly fit her yet but she'll get there.  
The offensive song behind the title of today's post: 


Alex[andra] said...

Remi is so cute! I saw Hangover 3 too. I think the first one is still the best.

I love dessert! It's okay to indulge sometimes. :)

Wine and Summer said...

Love that song!! It reminds me of high school.

What a fun weekend. That salsa sounds delicious!

Rachel's Country Roots said...

That sounds like a fun time and that pup is so cute!! I wanna snuggle her!

Chloe said...

I only want anything sweet when it's shark week. And then I eat waaaay to much of it. Your puppy is tooo cute. I'm kinda jealous.

Kristin said...

This salsa looks delish!! I will be making it!! I did everything for your Liebster Award today!! Head over to the blog to see your answers and check out who I nominated.

Thanks for thinking of me!!


brooke lyn said...

i make a salsa super similar to this! so yummy and so summery

Erin said...

Give me ALL da burrs. Thank you very much. And your gorg. And give me Remi, duh.

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